Your career at Crowe Peak

Working at Crowe Peak: it's more than just a paycheck  

Work is no longer just about making deals and getting a paycheck every month. Work also means developing and appropriating social contacts, achieving something with a team and investing in your personal development. At Crowe Peak, we are well aware of that. It is not a coincidence that our motto is "You and Crowe Peak. The perfect combination." That is why we offer more than a desk and a salary. With us, you will find work-life balance and happiness at work, working flexible while staying connected and career opportunities as well as personal development.

You and Crowe Peak. The perfect combination.

Work-life balance and happiness at work

In the way we organize work, we prioritize that everyone has not only an enjoyable job, but also a good work-life balance. In that context, at Crowe Peak, we regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys. With the feedback we get from these surveys, we try to keep developing the organization. In addition, these internal evaluations show that we are already succeeding well in our attempts to ensure happiness (at work). Our employees say, amongst other things, “Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm get things going” and “A personal growth path, fun colleagues and challenging work ensure that I get the most out of myself."  

At Crowe Peak you will find the high quality of work of a large international company, but at the same time a unique and modern culture. In our offices in the Netherlands, we use a policy of “flexible working”. This means that you either work at home, at a client's venue or at one of our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Nijmegen. This last place is where you meet your colleagues, and where there is plenty of room for consultation, brainstorming and socializing. Besides being able to work flexibly, we value a strong connection between colleagues. Therefore, at least every month we organize social events such as Meet & Greets with drinks and bites, Crowe Peak Sports and Exercise, dinners, barbecues and nights out. 

Working flexible while staying connected 

Career opportunities and personal development  

When you are thinking of the word “career” you are thinking about moving forward. However, if that way forward in your development is from A to B or from X to Y, that is something you get to decide yourself at Crowe Peak. We make sure that you can go in the direction you want to. And we do that in a professional way. For example, from your first day at work you will be paired with a “development manager” who is personally involved in your progress. You can also use the online platform Dialog to create your personal development plan including clear goals for the future. 

Your development at Crowe Peak does not only have to evolve in a straight upwards line. In fact, personal development can also extend in breadth and depth. We encourage everyone to take an active part in their own personal growth. That is why all Crowe Peak employees have full access to Goodhabitz, an online platform with a wide range of online courses. This way you always choose the training and learning style that suits you best.  

Do you have questions? Or are you curious about the opportunities at Crowe Peak? 

Please contact our recruiter Aileen Troost.