Work-life balance and mental health 

Crowe Peak puts your mental well-being first  

Open Up

In an increasingly fast-paced world, mental health is not a topic to be brushed under the carpet. We realize this all too well at Crowe Peak. Therefore, our top priority is to have our employees comfortable in their own skin and to provide them with the tools they need to develop themselves optimally. Not only intellectually, but also mentally and emotionally. 

We make every possible effort to ensure that the above does not turn out to be an empty promise. As an organization we have therefore engaged a professional party to help us offer you as an employee good, but also independent and practical support in the area of mental resilience. You can arrange this support in the way that suits you best. Through the online platform of Open Up you are just a few mouse clicks away from a onetime consultation with a psychologist (either in private or in a group session), regular counseling, masterclasses in the field of mental wellbeing or mindfulness training. Are you more into self-education? Then we also offer you nice options. Completely free of charge and anonymous, you can consult blogs, articles and handbooks that share tips, insights and exercises that might help you forward. Stressful week? For that, Crowe Peak also offers something for everyone in collaboration with Open Up. Take part in guided meditations, in breath work workshops or choose to talk to a psychologist. 

Mental well-being

At Crowe Peak, we realize that the employer can also play a big role in an employee's mental well-being. We take our responsibility in that respect too. We strive for a healthy work-life balance and a relaxed working atmosphere with short lines of communication. To ensure that this does not remain just an aspiration, official employee satisfaction surveys are also conducted. The results of which are fed into the next year's plans. A safe, pleasant and healthy working environment; after all, that is what we stand for.

Do you like this way of working? Then take a look at the vacancies within your workfield. Feel free to contact our recruiter Aileen Troost.