Working flexible while staying connected

At Crowe Peak we like to give our employees freedom. Freedom in who they are and freedom in how and where they do their work. Whether you want to do your job in one of our nice modern premises, at a client's office or at your kitchen table, we can discuss all these options openly. We trust that you will deliver quality. Freedom for Crowe, however, certainly does not mean that you are on your own. In fact, we are particularly interested in the people behind the email addresses. It is therefore greatly appreciated that everyone regularly shows up at the office in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and/or Nijmegen. And when we do have to Team or Zoom, we first make a chat before we start talking business. Holidays and (personal) milestones? These are celebrated extensively and live at the office. Company events? Everyone is there, with a big smile on their face. That is what we call at Crowe Peak: working flexible while staying connected.  

Read more about what Crowe Peak offers to stimulate flexible working in a warm and friendly work environment below. 

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

Your colleagues are not only professionals, but also great people with even greater stories to tell. Therefore, every third Thursday of the month, we organize a “Meet & Greet” at Crowe Peak. At these gatherings you can feast on the fun personalities of your colleagues whilst having a drink in the one hand and a bite in the other. Fancy joining us for a drink soon? Then apply for one of our jobs quickly! 

Crowe Peak Sports & Exercise

At Crowe Peak, you can also indulge in sports and share your passion for being active with the people you work with. Every month there is a sports workshop at the office. Whether you like hiking, running or cycling, there will always be an activity you can participate in. 

Sports & Exercise

Quarterly meetings & successes

Quarterly team activities

At Crowe Peak, we celebrate successes. And by that we don't just mean bringing in a new client or closing a big deal, but also: work anniversaries, births of new family members and graduations. This happens both on a personal scale with cake in the social spaces with your core team, and on a larger scale during our quarterly team activities with the entire office. These team activities range from dinners at beautiful locations, to barbecues, to our annual Christmas party.   

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